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This was one story that did leave Vegas...

My “day job” is in the medical field but I've always had a love of beautiful shoes...

I started SummerJasmines® after walking and dancing for hours in Las Vegas in 2008. My feet were killing me, but I didn't want to remove my shoes and walk down the questionably clean streets. My evening bag was too small to fit a pair of flip-flops, and I didn't want to wear flip-flops with more dressy clothes. (OK, so maybe a bit obsessive, but it was my feeling!)

In addition, when I get a pedicure, I always forget my flip-flops or open toed shoes! I end up wearing the little disposable pedicure shoes and rip them halfway to the car, destroying my pedicure in the process. In addition, I wanted a shoe that I could easily carry in my purse and forget, then take out when I needed it!

I created SummerJasmines® to combine my love of shoes, fashion, sparkly things,  pedicures, and practicality. My ideal product is something that is cute AND functional, and I hope you find they help you transition from day to evening in our increasingly mobile and multifaceted lives!


Alissa Kraisosky