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1. How do I fold the shoes so they will fit in my purse?

The shoes easily fold in two ways:

1. Fold each shoe in half, with the insole facing you. Tuck the heel under the strap that slides over your instep.

2. Place the soles (the portion that touches the ground) of both shoes together. Fold shoes in half and wrap one ankle strap around the folded shoe, securing them in place.

  1. 3.View the “how to video”.

2. Are the shoes for emergency use?

Initially, I had designed them for emergency use, but with some revising of the soles, they are suitable for frequent use! My team of testers have used them daily. They can be considered to support the foot similar to a typical flip-flop. Of course, consult your common sense and do not use them in situations you would not wear flip-flops: hiking, the snow, etc.

3. Who came up with the idea for these shoes? Who designed them?

I have designed these shoes from *scratch*!  They are currently patent pending and original designs.  The shoes are crafted from the finest materials. It has taken me years to get to this point and so exciting to see them manifest into reality!

4. What are some of the uses of the shoes?

There are many! They can be used:

-going to the spa (forget wearing the questionable spa shoes!)

-slip them on right before your toes are painted for a pedicure. No need to wait until your toes are dry as the elastic cords will keep them apart! Just pay and go!

-great for travel- switch into them on the airplane. They are also very comfortable if you are driving long distances.

-after dancing or prolonged walking. Don’t get your feet sticky and filthy walking along the street barefoot.  Just keep your SummerJasmines® in your evening bag and be comfortable and fashionable!

-walking on cobblestone, gravel, or other “heel hostile” territory. Preserve your beautiful heeled shoes and slip on your SummerJasmines®.

-don’t ruin a night out because your feet are killing you!  Slide into your SummerJasmines® and keep dancing the night away!


5. Why the elastic cords?

The elastic cords (toe separators) were worked into the final design after multiple materials were tested. They were found to be comfortable yet sufficiently separated each toe.  They feel a bit “different” initially (not uncomfortable) but you will find your feet quickly adjust to them.

8. Are you working on more designs?

Most definitely! Stay posted…

9. Is the dog yours?

I wish! No, his name is Bosie and he is my friend/photographer's dog. Please check out Craig Winsor's fabulous work at MIND THE DOG & CWINSOR.