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Dear SJ,

    I picked up the sandals this weekend, and they are wonderful! They fit perfectly, and they are so good looking. Thank you so much! Great job solving the problem for so many women with aching feet after long hours in tortuous heels.

Leanna, Avila Beach, CA

Dear SJ,

When I received my first pair of Summer Jasmines, I was excited about them because of the pedicure factor. When I saw them for the first time, I was struck by how cute and stylish they were! As I slid my feet into them, I was happy with the feel of them on my feet. My general tendency is to wear flip-flops. I had a pair of shoes which were like a more stylish functional sandal that were open but more walker friendly than the typical flip-flop. With my flip-flop “nature”, I started wearing the SJ's everywhere and they soon became my favorite shoes. I received many comments from people about their style and excitement from them as well.  I just wanted to write you this letter telling you how great the SJ's are and thanks for designing these wonderful cute shoes!

Kelley O.
Oakland, CA

    SummerJasmines are the best shoe for the girl that's out and about. That's me! I love going out at night and these shoes saved my feet after a long night of dancing. My friends love how stylish they are and want them for their upcoming wedding. It's a perfect gift for bridesmaids. Don't miss out! Get yourselves some SummerJasmines shoes!

Juby B.
Bay Area, CA

Dear SJ,

    I love the shoes…everywhere I wear them they draw attention… I even wore them in church! I have a LOT of shoes, and these are my favorites. Thank you!


Fresno, CA

    I brought my Summer Jasmines when I went to get my pedicure, and they worked out great!  My pedicurist (that must be a word, right?) put them on my feet right before she applied the polish.  And the clients and other pedicurists wanted to know where they could get some!  So instead of having those ugly floppy rather useless throw away thingies on my feet, I had something that I could actually wear out of the nail salon, and they were not only comfy, but cute!  I proceeded to do my errands, getting gas, shopping at Target, etc, and even got compliments on my Summer Jasmines!

Kathy B.

Bay Area, CA

    I am a natural sort of person who wears comfortable shoes, minimal make-up, and thinks a spa is a Jacuzzi. Summer Jasmines pamper my feet and make them look good. I was so taken with my first pair (black) that I just had to get a red pair, too!

Julia C.

Pasadena, CA

    These are amazingly comfortable – usually I hate enclosed heels, but these are so soft!  Wish I’d had something like this back when we traveled to Europe – the comfort of a flip flop, but so much more elegant!  I hope this business really takes off for you!!

Anna A., Los Angeles, CA

    I traveled to Ecuador recently to visit family.  Normally, the heat and humidity in Ecuador destroys shoes, clothing… you name it! I was there over a month and wore my SummerJasmines everywhere.  They still look as good now as when I took them there! They are so comfortable… like walking on a cloud. Thanks!

Angela V., co-owner, Emilio Auto Service; Castro Valley, CA (510)582-3004

    People love these shoes. Every time I wear them, I receive a compliment. Wear them after a pedicure, out on the town or casually with a pair of jeans - these shoes go anywhere, anytime. Pack them in your pocketbook for after work and go. Genius of an idea that makes your feet look pretty. You've gotta have a pair.

Nancy P.

New York, NY

    I  was in Las Vegas, walking along in semi-comfortable shoes, but they started to really hurt. I had forgotten I had my SummerJasmines in my purse-my boyfriend reminded me to take them out and wear them.  They were so comfortable and cute too! That night I seriously would have paid $1,000 for shoes like these.

Caroline M.

Walnut Creek, CA

    I was excited to hear about these- my favorite color is red. The telltale story is that I wore them for 8 hours straight- at a job that requires a lot of walking and standing- and my feet felt great! I also wore them out to dinner later. Love these classy shoes that can be casual at the same time.

Linda W.

Red Bluff, CA

    I was wearing the SummerJasmines sandals between an appointment and a dinner engagement (where I changed into heels) the other day. Hands down (or maybe feet down?), these are the best flat sandals I've worn that withstand the coarse streets of Baltimore, and the toe separators actually feel therapeutic!

Heather F.

Baltimore, MD

    I am a surgeon and have taken to carrying these shoes in my operating bag.  I love the convenience of having something comfortable and stylish to wear at the end of the day.  My regular shoes are too bulky to fit in my bag/locker, so the foldable design of these SummerJasmines have really fit my needs.  Going out to dinner after work is now a pleasure!

Laura T, Redlands, CA

    I love your shoes. I have strangers asking me "where did you buy those?" I tell them your company and show them how the shoes fold in half. :)

Jane F, Fremont, CA

        I was at your tradeshow in August and loved your designs! My favorite is your signature style in black.

Elisabeth S., Chico, CA

        What’s great about these sandals: it doesn’t take long to get used to the toe separators and you forget you even have

shoes on!

J., Riverside, CA

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